Make It Metal

Why Use MakeItMetal Panels?

One of the biggest benefits to using MakeItMetal Panels is that there’s no special equipment required to cut/finish. MIM Panels use a real metal veneer coating on top of MDF (fire-rated or non-fire-rated). This allows the end user to cut the panels using standard woodworking tools. Colour-match edge-banding is a great option to finish panels and allows for the ultimate in flexibility of installation, and versatility of design.

All work carried out by MakeItMetal is finished by hand and, for this reason, the finish can vary. There may be subtle changes in the characteristics, look, feel and texture of the panels. We reserve the right to make changes to our products. 


Feature WallsCabinetsCeilingsSignage
CountersBar Tops / FrontsStore FixturesWall Cladding
ArtElevator PanelsTable TopsDoors

Material Comparison Chart

MakeItMetalMetal SheetingMetal Laminate
Environmental ImpactMetal is 100% recycled
Resin is 70% organic
Enviro-friendly (low VOC & leachate) Process creates little waste
Not enviro-friendly
High Gas Emissions
Hazardous Waste Disposal
High Energy Usage
Partially recycled material
Waste ends up in the garbage Contains formaldehyde
Increased Perceived ValueCost is low
Perceived value is high
Cost is high
Perceived value is high
Cost is low
Perceived value is low
DurabilityImpact resistant
Scratch resistant
Impact resistant
Scratches easily
Less impact resistant
Scratches appear white
Fitting / InstallationInstallation is easy
Material can be cut/fitted on site

Only standard woodworking tools required

Installation is very difficult
Cannot be cut and fitted on site
Installation is easy
Cannot be cut and fitted on site
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