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If you would like to learn how to apply our metal coatings yourself we offer training and consulting packages. We can arrange for someone to come to your facility or we also arrange for you to learn all that MakeItMetal has to offer at our fully equipped St. Catharines location. We will teach you about the product, the process, and show you how to apply the metal yourself.

Once you have completed your training, we will provide support and additional product for your future projects. Please follow the link for more information and the pricing of our start up packages.

We can send custom samples to give you an idea of what you will be able creating. Please use the following codes to order the metal and finish you’d like to see:


  • Brass – BR
  • Bronze – BRO
  • Copper – CO
  • Iron – IR
  • Nickel Silver – NS
  • White Bronze – WB
  • Zinc – ZI


  • #100 Satin (traditional satin finish with no gloss)
  • #200 Patina Highlighted (patina is applied and parts of item highlighted to a gloss)
  • #300 Polished (buffed to a nice polish)
  • #400 Satin Patina (patina applied and then taken to a satin finish)

In Order to specify please include your colour choice and finish preference in either your specification or order form you can choose to have you item clear coated to stop tarnishing or further patinaing if that is your choice please include C for Clear coat after your specification if not the piece with age naturally like real metal!

Example Specification MIMCO100 (MakeItMetal-Copper-Satin)