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MakeItMetal knows environmental issues are of great importance. That’s why we do our best to be an environmentally responsible company. The metals we use in our coatings are made of 100% recycled material and therefore we are helping to reduce the amount of waste that is ending up in our landfills.

Recycled metals also reduces the pressure on non-renewable resources of the Earth from where they are extracted.

Our resin is made of 70% organic material and gives off zero VOCs compared to other metal alternatives. Because our metal veneer coatings can cover a large surface by spraying it on, we only use what is needed and there is less waste in the end.

Make It MetalFoundry Casting LaminateMetallic Paint
CostCost effective for real Metal VeneerExtremely expensiveMetal Laminates are still expensive and making 3D is impossibleOnly when perceived value of substrate is not important
Environmental ImpactMetal is 100% recycled. Resin is 70% organic materials. Enviro-friendly, low VOC & leachate. NO hazardous waste.Not envrio-friendly, high gas emissions, hazardous waste disposal, high energy usage.Is partially made from recycled materila. Waste ends up in the garbage.Not enviro-friendly, high VOC emissions, hazardous waste disposal
Single Spray ApplicationYesNA.NARequires mulitple applications (4 minimum)
Increased Perceived ValueDramatically increases the value of the substrate as perceived to be solid metalCannot increase the value of a substrateCannot increase the value of a substrateSlight
WeightExtremely lightweight. Less than 4oz/sq ft.Extremely heavyLight-weightLight-weight
CorrosionWill patina but will not corrodeWill corrode over timeWill not CorrodeAllows corrosion of substrate
DurabilityHighly scratch and impact resistant when clear coatedHighly scratch and impac resistantReasonably scratch and impact resistant. Depending on Laminate it scratches whiteHighly prone to scratches and impact
UV Light ResistanceImpervious to UV lightImpervious to UV lightImpervious to UV lightBreaks down under UV light
Carbon Footprint100% recycled metal, 90% less energy required to produce productConcentrated energy used to produce, raw materials from miningHigh energy to produce, less raw materialLow energy to produce
Job SequencingAllows for easy sequencing, ability to identify each pieceVery difficlut for contractor to stamp and identify each pieceVery difficult for contractor to stamp and identify each pieceVery difficult for contractor to stamp and idetnify each piece
Custom FittingSubstrate can be cut and fitted on siteMaterial cannot be cut and fitted on siteMaterial cannot be cut and fitted on siteSubstrate can be cut and fitted on site
InstallEasily installedInstall is extremely difficultEasily installedEasily installed