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Our real metal veneer coatings have the look and feel of solid metal without the weight or expense. Your clients have access to a whole new world of design options that will fit within their budget. Blur the lines between design and architecture by pairing floors and ceilings with a breath taking coat of copper, bronze, or any one of our metals. Different textures on top of the colours and finishes allow for even more choices.

We can provide samples of different metals, textures, and finishes. Once the sample has been approved we will coat your substrate in our facility. In special circumstances it can be done on site.

Metals and Finishes

We have a variety of different standard metals for you to choose from:

Brass  Bronze  Copper  Iron  Nickel  Silver  White Bronze  Zinc

Pair these with our four standard finishes; satin, highlighted patina, polished, and satin patina, and you have numerous combinations. Keep in mind we can layer the metals and add texture to create something totally different.