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Panel Program

Panel Program One of the biggest benefits to using MakeItMetal Panels is that there’s no special equipment required to cut/finish. MIM Panels use a real metal veneer coating on top of MDF (fire-rated or non-fire-rated). This allows the end user to cut the panels using standard woodworking tools. Colour-match edge-banding is a great option to […]

Column Process

Curious about the MakeItMetal process? Watch as we complete a column that has an Iron with Antique Patina finish on our YouTube channel.  

Dixie Plywood Announcement

Make It Metal is proud to announce Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company as the newest Authorized Distributor of Make It Metal Veneered Panels, Custom Metal Veneer Material Kits, and Technical Metal Design Consultations to Architectural and Interior Design Professionals within the State of Florida.  Dixie Plywood is recognized as the preferred wholesale distributor of quality […]

Commercial Applications

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using MakeItMetal in your next commercial project. Our metal finishes can be applied to; Fireplaces Ceilings Fixtures Doors Desks Feature Walls Interior/Exterior Sculptures Decorative Art Cabinet and Drawer Handles  And anything else you can imagine We have many metal and finish options to fit with your next […]

2019 Toronto Interior Design Show

We recently attended the 2019 Toronto Interior Design Show where we showcased MakeItMetal for many designers, architects, and industry professionals.  While at the show, Ramsin Khachi visited our booth to educate people about MakeItMetal. Check out this video he posted from the show (we are featured at the beginning). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v57MAAFDFyg We would like to thank […]

Residential Applications

With so many ways to use MakeItMetal in your next residential project the possibilities are endless. Our product can be applied to; Fireplaces Doors Range Hoods Fixtures Mirror Frames Feature Walls Back Splashes Decorative Art Cabinet and Drawer Handles And anything else you could imagine for your next project With many different metals and finishes […]

Making of The Egg

Wondering what some of our more unique projects have been?  Two years ago we completed a very unique project for The Culinary Institute of America, The Egg. This was a 9 ft fiberglass egg that we coated in our Polished White Bronze MakeItMetal Veneer finish. It is currently standing outside The Culinary Institute of America […]

HD Expo 2019

In May we attended the HD Expo, a hospitality design event, in Las Vegas. The event showcased thousands of architects, designers, and hospitality groups from around the world. This Expo provided us with an opportunity to learn more about what our clients are looking for and to educate designers and architects about our product.  We […]

Environmental Aspects

MakeItMetal knows that it is important to protect our environment. That’s why we do our best to be an environmentally responsible company.  The metals used in our coatings are 100% recycled and our process produces no hazardous waste. The MakeItMetal process uses 90% less energy to produce than most alternatives.  MakeItMetal is also extremely lightweight, […]