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MakeItMetal is almost as simple to use as paint, however, it is not paint and certain rules need to be observed.

Our liquid metals can be applied using brush or standard HVLP (high volume, low-pressure) spray equipment.

They need to be cleaned up afterwards using standard acetone based thinners.

The liquid metal may also be poured or trowelled onto a surface and used for cold metal casting.

aplicatorCoverage Guide

About 1 metre squared per 1 kilogram depending on the absorbency and texture of the base material.

The more textured the finish, the more material is required.

Drying Time

After application MakeItMetal will take between one and a half to three hours to dry depending on humidity and room temperature.


MakeItMetal has excellent adhesion properties when used on most surfaces including MDF, Plaster, Plasterboard, Glass, Concrete, Fibreglass, Plastic, Polystyrene, Paper and even Fabric. We advise our customers to experiment with the product for further applications.


When MakeItMetal is dry it will have a matt finish. This is due to oxidization that occurs after contact with the air. Lightly sand the surface to reveal the pure metal. Then polish the surface to the shine you require using standard metal polishing techniques.

Other creative processes can be applied such as acid wash, patina wash, sandblast, wire brush and machined textures. Again, we encourage our customers to experiment with MakeItMetal for all sorts of creative metal applications.


As with any real metal, it must to be sealed to prevent tarnishing (unless a finish that continues to patinate over time is desired). Our metals may be sealed with Nano-Coating, hard wax oil, or a clear coat lacquer.

MakeItMetal is between 90% and 97% pure metal. Thus objects coated with MakeItMetal take on the colours of the ambient light that surrounds them in a way that only real metal can. It is waterproof and resistant to heat and most household chemicals. It has passed Fire Testing: Flammability, Heat Release rate (OSU) and Smoke Emission (NBS) requirements of FAR/JAR/CS 25.853(d) APP.F PI.IV(g) issued by AIM Composites Ltd tested under Federal Aviation Authority rules conducted. 

MakeItMetal metal coatings can be applied to a large number of surfaces, including, but not limited to:


Building Facades

Range Hoods
Decorative Items

Feature Walls

We can spray our metal on just about any substrates as well. A few examples include:

All Metals
Urethane Foam


Fibre Glass