Specialists in Real Metal Veneer Coatings

    Make It Metal uses metal veneer coating on a variety of surfaces to create the look, texture, and feel, of real metal. Metal coatings not only allow for unlimited design capabilities, it is much more cost effective and environmentally responsible than using traditional sheet metal, metal laminates, plating, or casting. You can use these metal coating on both interior and exterior surfaces to give you a luxurious metal finish.

    We distribute our product to manufacturing and finishing companies to apply it in-house. Training and education is also provided in our fully equipped manufacturing and training facility. Make it Metal Ltd is able to work with the imagination of its customers to create a wide array or metal finishes

    Why MakeItMetal

    Our liquid metal can be applied to almost any surface with seamless precision. These surfaces are treated as solid metal and therefore allow for endless finishing effects.

    One of the biggest benefits of using MakeItMetal is the cost. Our metal veneer coatings are cost effective when compared to traditional solid noble metal. This means whether you need a large piece or smaller project completed, you’ll save money.

    These metal coatings are durable enough to be used for interior as well as exterior projects. They are waterproof and can be sealed with hard wax oil, lacquer, or clear coat. We can make flooring durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic or decorative pieces to be placed outside your building. There is no size restriction for our coatings so even the most complex shape can be coated seamlessly.

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